Essay On Public Health Care Planning

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Director of Public Health
There has been an invasion of zombies at the northern end of the city. These zombies move very slowly but are very dangerous. You must stay away from them, they are destroying everything in their path, even people. As the Directors of Public Health we are eagerly working to establish a medical care plan that allows us to safely provide a medical care to all citizens and prevent further infection. This plan includes informing the citizens of the current situation and where to receive medical care based on their injuries. In order to have everyone safely evacuated we will provide medical transportation for patients the best we can.
Effective communication is going to be the key to controlling this situation. As the Directors of Public Health, we are teaming up with the Red Cross and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide the best medical care possible. We will continually update citizens with news about this zombie outbreak, by television, radio, and sirens. This will notify citizens of where to go and what do. Please avoid using any landlines or cell phones. “Emergency responders need to have
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Instead, we will have groups of people out on the streets informing citizens of the current situation and any updates. We will still use sirens to warn you if the zombies are near. We will also continue to send updates over the radio for those who have a battery operated radio. We will have posters, flyers, and signs placed in key areas across town to inform citizens where to receive medical care. We need everyone to report to the assigned location based on your injuries. Anyone that is not infected or injured will be evacuated. Once you have been treated and are cleared to leave, you need to evacuate the city according to the most recent update. We will still have transportation available for the citizens who are

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