Essay On Free Health Care

Free HealthCare: Right or a Privilege?

If Canada, Europe, and even Australia provide universal healthcare, why does the United States, one of the richest countries in the world, not do the same? The United States is in so much debt with other countries and even inside its own country that the healthcare is not on the list of their citizen’s privileges. The government should promote “the general welfare” as said in the Declaration of Independence. Free education, public law enforcement, public road maintenance is promoted for a just society, let’s make free health care another reason for a just society. The United States government has set aside the health of the people because its exclusive focus is set on the economy.

The fact that the U.S. doesn’t provide free healthcare for
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For example, women should have the right to have their insurance cover fertility treatments, yes it´s a natural event they decided to have but not all women can afford hospital expenses after having their child. Other citizens may not afford dental health expenses, but also have the right to be covered by insurance; after all if a citizen cares about their health, they most certainly deserve to have free dental check-ups rather than does citizens that have years since they´ve have a dental appointment. The wealthy, the poor and the average wage citizens of the United States can´t be equal in the economy, but they all do deserve equal human rights. Elite citizens of course can afford the best health care and be the healthier than the poor, but is that the real definition of the equal protection clause in the 14th amendment of the United States? No, it is not, each person has the right to be as wealthy and successful as they please, but not because a person has more money than any other person they should live

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