Successful Group Decision-Making Paper

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Group decision-making has become a highly complex process due to a group is made up of various people. However, gaining an effective and successful group decision is a core of a group. Therefore, understanding the components of decision-making is crucial for a group. To be specific, who is chosen to participate in group decision-making, brainstorm and indicate the dissimilar solutions, group cooperation as well as how to collect information, all of these essential parts are involved in this complicated process.
Convincing arguments can be made that the structure of a team is a vitally important for successful group decision-making. According to Levine, Stark (2015) and Phillips (2014), a diverse group more creativity and can enhance the skill of solving problems. Additionally,
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According to Mount Holyoke, there is a problem that some people are afraid of expressing their views and posing the information in public. Thus, they indicate the using of electronic mail can encourage the team members to be bold and attract a multitude of creative information and idea. Moreover, Phillips points out, there are a great number of group members who from diverse backgrounds will bring a large quantity of distinct messages. Therefore, she says the group will gain plenty of messages that can help a group obtain an optimal way to deal with the problem. As a whole, improving the methods of gathering information is an effective way to make a successful group decision-making.
In conclusion, a successful team decision will go through an extremely complex process. Moreover, this complexity consists of several aspects which include the selection of group members, brainstorm and identify the choices, group cooperation as well as gather information. Therefore, I recommend a group should follow these several components to process a decision in order to make a successful

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