Good Leadership

Good Leadership is the Key to Team Performance
Leaders play a vital role in the achievement of success in organizations. Effective leaders ought to have qualities and skills that would enable them to relate well with followers. Followers feel motivated by inspiring leaders. Inspiring leaders instill the spirit of teamwork to the followers by working with them whenever necessary. Thus, good leadership is highly determined by the both the leadership style and relationship between leaders and followers. Various leadership styles are popular in the contemporary times, but only a few enhance team performance between leaders and their followers (Torrington et al. 2011).
In the contemporary world, leadership has been tremendous growth in democracy
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This attribute is an essential quality of leadership as it enables people to understand the perception of their followers (Sohmen 2013). Leaders exhibit good leadership when they rally their followers behind a common course. It suffices to conclude that the right perception encourages teamwork and good leadership in the workplace. Effective leadership comprises leaders who are highly responsive to the group’s needs. However, different challenges hinder employees from working effectively as a team. Individual needs are associated with the individual personalities and human characters that often hinder some people from relating well with others (Fox & Cowan 2014). Effective leaders come in to solve such problems by addressing individual needs and making followers understand their differing attributes. Thus, effective leaders are ready to attend to the group’s needs in a working environment. Effective leaders can solve problems and analyze issues. Leaders should be prepared at all the time to embrace change and give direction for the business to keep on running. Followers have great faith in their leaders’ ability to solve problems (Martindale 2011). For example, a machine operator reports the problems to the supervisor with faith that supervisor will provide the solution. Failure to that the machine operator realizes the incompetence of his supervisor as a …show more content…
Transformational leadership style is the most effective leadership in workplaces where teamwork is highly needed (Gilley, Dixon, & Gilley 2008). A transformational leader values followers and makes decisions that are most suitable for all individuals. This aspect helps leaders to establish individual strengths and weaknesses, which is necessary for the delegation of responsibilities. From the previous example, a bank manager is a transformation since he considers the employees’ abilities in the decision-making. The coaching leadership style is effective for encouraging the spirit of teamwork to the followers. The coaching leadership style is highly effective for training new entrants as well as introducing new working methods to the workers in a workplace (Woods 2010). A coaching bank manager would not mind doing customer care service while training new entrants how to effectively handle bank customers. These two leadership styles are also referred to as democratic leadership styles because followers are allowed to contribute in the decision-making processes (Gold et al.

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