The Importance Of Student Leadership

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I would hope that in my six years prior to being promoted to an assistant principal, I would have laid the foundation for positive relationships with the students, or at least some pocket of students. Additionally, I would think about the mindset of not necessarily the students, but the current faculty and staff and begin to measure the outlook that is currently in place. From here I would want to make changes that lead the community to a more positive mindset and outlook.

Green (2013) states, “Effective leaders emphasized the development of interpersonal relationships while focusing on the personal needs of followers and the development of the kinds of relationships that would motivate followers to set and achieve high performance goals”. In this case, I believe that in order to improve student behavior, you have to have relationships with the group who you are asking to change. If the students and the
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I would push to have time before the students start school that year, to have the teachers self-administer the same leadership surveys (Glanz, 2002) that we took in module 2 of this course. The feedback that they receive from that assessment could then be used to help them understand their own strengths, and more importantly, their own weaknesses. Additionally, I would have them work in departments to complete the National Outdoor Leadership School’s (N.O.L.S.) No-Doze activity (Doran, 2004) to learn a little bit more not only about their own leadership style, but also about the leadership styles of there closest colleagues. They would have the opportunity to discuss strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly, they would be able to see how they can use each other’s strengths to offset each other’s weaknesses and therefore lesson their feeling of isolation or not know how to approach issues over the course of the

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