The Importance Of Ged In High School

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Unlike the majority of my classmates, I never had the opportunity to put on a cap and gown for a graduation ceremony. Like most people, my high school career lasted about 4 years. I made As and Bs for the most part, but never did earn my high school diploma. This made me feel as though high school was a complete waste of time. After all, I had nothing to show for it.
A few months after my classmates graduated from high school, I earned my GED. I learned more from the experience of earning my GED than I did in all four years of high school combined. The lesson I learned was worth more to me than any diploma or certificate. I learned the power of belief in myself. I woke up early one October morning and decided to go test for my GED. Suddenly,
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I hadn’t taken any GED preparation courses or even touched up on what I’d learned from high school. With no real preparation, I show up to the center eager to test for my GED. I arrive in the classroom to find a few other people with their test booklets and blank paper in front of them. I find a seat near the front of the room. I am then provided with the same materials as everyone else. Before the test is started, the test provider strictly enforces the rules. She states that, “cellular devices are not to be present during the test.” She then explains any and everything that could disqualify someone from passing the test. I make a mental note of everything she says and conclude that the things she is saying have no real benefit to my success. At this point I am focused on preserving as much mental effort as I can. The test starts. I look around the room and see everyone else grab their sharp pencils to begin. I decide to take a few moments …show more content…
The very thing that I had spent four years trying to achieve was essentially achieved in a couple of hours. I never did receive a high school diploma, but I did receive its equivalent. If I would have known I would pass on my first attempt, I might have completely avoided high school and taken my GED sooner. This would have afforded me with time to achieve other goals. I remember someone telling me that the GED test was harder to pass than graduating high school. That only added to the pride I took in my

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