The Importance Of Food, Exercise, And Sleep

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The amount of food, exercise, and sleep have good and bad effects on the human body and health. If you take in the right amount and kinds of food them it will have a positive impact on your health. Exercise is also a big influence on the way your health play a role in the affects on your body. Also sleep is a contributing factor on the way your body perform. These three main factors contribute to your health in significant ways. Many people would agree that they don’t know how what they eat, how much exercise they get, and enough sleep do the most good and bad to their bodies. I believe that knowing the right foods to eat, getting the most out of your everyday exercise, and getting enough efficient sleep is beneficial to your health. Knowing …show more content…
Rhonda Patrick - EPISODE 119, “If nutrition is not solid it will decrease performance”. This details how nutrition plays a role not only in your health but also in your performance. People value having a choice in the food they consume because it allow them to variety. Also according to WebMD, “Changing your eating habits takes time and practice. It 's normal to feel like you 've slipped a little on your goals once in awhile. But it 's important to stay on track and keep trying”. As we have discussed in class switching over to a healthy lifestyle is never easy. Usually the reasons for switching over would include health issues, a goal you may want to reach, or just wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. There are many of ways people choose to eat unhealthy but the most important thing to remember is that eating right also have helpful benefits such as living longer, healthier, and excellent …show more content…
Sleep as discussed in class can have effects on schedule, health, and proficiency. Sleep also affects performance because if you didn’t get the right amount of sleep than it can cause anxiety and insomnia. According to healthline, “You need sleep as much as you need to breathe and eat. While you’re sleeping, your body is busy tending to your physical and mental health and getting you ready for another day”. The body needs sleep to replenish itself and to take a break. This also help improve your health by allowing your body to renew itself and stay healthy. Also according to healthessentials, “ If you eat well and exercise regularly but don’t get at least seven hours of sleep every night, you may undermine all your other efforts”. This proves that sleep is as important as food and exercise because all three contribute to a person being considered healthy. Without one your body will have long and short terms effects on your

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