Essay: The Importance Of Writing In High School

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I am a student at Pittsburg State University and I truly believe writing should be taught in both high school and college because it’s been proven that adding a writing class in high schools could improve test scores. People with a bachelor’s degree are lacking communication skills. Students need more practice if business’s want employees to be the writers they are expecting. In 2006, about 82% of the freshmen entered New Drop high school reading below grade level. Students were also scoring low on English and history exams, which are required, by the school district, to graduate. “In 2007, administrators calculated the graduation rates and found that 4 out of 10 students dropped out of New Drop high school” (Tyre). In the school year of 2008, the principal found that the scores were low and students were dropping out because of bad …show more content…
The students that have been receiving the writing instruction class were already scoring higher on exams as sophomores than any other graduating class at New Drop. The passing rates went from 67% to 89% and 64% to 75% on the global history exam. “The number of students enrolling into college-level classes went from 148 students in 2006 to 412 in 2015” (Tyre). Some teachers have said that the writing scores were low because the students were lazy and how students don’t know how to use the basic parts of speech and I believe those aren’t the reasons at all, I think it’s because students aren’t taught enough about writing. Businesses have said that people with a bachelor’s degree are lacking basic workplace skills, some examples would be, adaptability, communication skills, and the ability to solve complex problems. The businesses are blaming colleges for this because “colleges aren’t preparing students in written or oral communication, decision making, and research skills” (Fischer). Colleges are fighting back and saying that the higher

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