The Importance Of Drug Testing

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Register to read the introduction… When selecting a drug testing firm, the AMA strongly suggests that companies use labs that are certified by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) (Sorohan 113). Following the NIDA guidelines will ensure that the tests are evaluated accurately. Once the employer receives the results from the drug test, the applicants or employee is evaluated based solely on whether or not he or she passed the test. If an applicant passes the test, he or she may continue on through the application process. If the applicant fails, he or she will be screened out of the selection process. If a company uses a random or reasonable cause drug-testing policy for current employees, it is very important that the consequences of failing the test be outlined in a detailed written drug-testing policy (Smith 45). Some organizations may decide to terminate any employee who tests positive for drug use, while other organizations may temporarily suspend the employee or refer him/her to treatment program until he/she stops abusing drugs and passes another drug test (Hadfield …show more content…
Some of the factors involved in drug testing that have been found to influence its face validity include job characteristics, the type of drug used, the organization's action taken against employees who test positively, the chance to appeal, the availability of advance notice, and whether random or reasonable-cause testing is used. If employers fail to resolve such high negativity associated with drug testing, the result could prove costly for the organization, potentially leading to hostile employee attitudes and behaviors. Thus, the low face validity associated with drug testing demonstrates the importance of organizations to ensure that their drug testing policies are perceived as fair by applicants and employees (Arthur …show more content…
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