Centurion Healthcare Case Study

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Centurion Healthcare is an institution that highly regards professionalism and the accomplishment of tasks given to the staff. The company has made efforts to ensure that every aspect that may compromise the ability of an individual to perform their tasks to the best of their ability best is dealt with. In line with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), alcohol and drug abuse is considered as a disability in the American workplace; the company acknowledges this. In addition, the Centurion Healthcare policy on alcohol and drugs acknowledges that this condition can be treated in the current health care system and the organization encourages the use of such therapeutic avenue to avoid compromising the work process (Fortner, Martin & Shelton, …show more content…
When there are cases of suspected alcohol and substance abuse, it is expected that a complaint is raised with any manager in the HR department. The other perspective involves the grounds upon which alcohol and drug testing will be done (Secord, 2003). There are three circumstances that will necessitate the conducting of such tests. First is a circumstance where a Centurion Healthcare staff is involved in a work related accident. After the occurrence of such an accident that suggests a person under the influence of drugs, the company will compel the individual to undergo testing. The second circumstance that will necessitate drug testing is the random testing done by the organization. As highlighted in the employment contract, any employee can be randomly selected and subjected to drug tests without any objection. The third type of circumstance is where the HR department has a reason to believe that an individual is under the influence of drugs and other related substances. This causal testing will be triggered by complaints from other staff, cases of inefficient performances and cases of being absent (Fortner, Martin & Shelton, …show more content…
Some of the substances to be focused on include opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and cannabinoids. The employees will be required to document prescription drugs that were taken within a month of the testing period (Secord, 2003). The drug testing will be subcontracted to an independent laboratory that will confidentially carry out the test for all staff associated with the organization. The company is expected to pay for the cost to be incurred in the testing and the staff will not be expected to contribute any additional funds. After the tests have been conducted and the results realized, all the staff will have the right to explain the nature of their results. This explanation will be confidentially done between the testing laboratory and the individual employees. In cases where it will be deemed necessary, the policy allows for the reviewing of the documents and data appertaining the tests. This is to verify the reliability and true nature of the said results. The confidentiality aspect will be highly considered in the testing process. The results of the conducted test will be confidentially kept in the records of the laboratory. The laboratory will only be allowed to take tests on the set substances (WHO, 2001). When the results return positive, the employees will be allowed to ask for retests. The employee requesting a retest will be entirely responsible for costs that

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