Annotated Bibliography: Should Recipients Be Tested For Drugs?

Annotated Bibliography
Vitter, David. “Should Recipients Be Tested for Drugs?” U.S News Digital Weekly. 18 November 2011.Vol 3, Issue 46, P14-14.1p. Proquest. Web. 28 February 2014.
In the article, “Should Recipients Be Tested for Drugs?” Vitter talks about the issue of drug testing people that are on welfare in the US. The author believes that annual drug testing welfare recipients will ensure taxpayer dollar and government money will actually help those who need it. He also expresses reasoning by stating that drug testing will accomplish two main goals. The first goal is to help those recipients with drug abuse problems realize they have a problem with drugs and offering them treatment in order to keep their welfare benefits. The second
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In Vitter’s article, sides with bettering the welfare system by drug testing as a way to accomplishing and insure that welfare is used for the purpose that it is intended.
This article also prove many points that I will include in my research paper about drug testing recipients and helping them better themselves from drugs and probably get a job and a better life. “State Consider Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients.” Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly. 2 February 2009.Vol 21 Issue 8, P 4-6. 3p.Proquest.Web. 28 February 2014.
In the article, “State Consider Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients” the author speaks about the issue of drug testing. Why US state governments want to legislate requirements for people who use Temporary Assistances to Needy Families (TANF) to take a drug test to get on the program. Many people who use drugs and that are in treatment along with many social services workers are oppose to drug testing as a requirement for
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Testing every welfare recipient will cost a great amount of money and the government will have to find a way to fund it. The funding will more than likely come from the taxpayers if it passes. “Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Saves Taxpayer Money.” Targeted News Services. 19 September 2011.Proquest.Web. 4 March 2014
In the article “Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Saves Taxpayer Money” the author expresses how tax payers should vote for drug tested at a state level because in the end it saves money. It tells about how Florida taxpayers saved up to 9.1 billion dollars from drug testing welfare recipients.
The strict guidelines that are being examined within the bill, (drug test of welfare recipients) is still undergoing in legislation right now. If any welfare applicant failing or refusing to take a drug test they would not receive the services that the state-provides and cannot receive benefits for the next 90 days. Also, any recipient of welfare who fails a drug test while receiving benefits would be ineligible for further benefits for one year. This guarantees that tax payer money is being put to good use and they are actually saving money instead of getting tricked to pay extra tax

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