The Negative Consequences Of Gun Violence

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On June 17 2015, Dylan Roof a 21-year old male who opened fire at a historical black church in Charleston, SC. Roof, used a Glock 41 .45 -caliber handgun to killed nine people in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. (Brown et al) Roof was able to obtain a handgun even though he had prior drug charges because of a failed background check done by the gun store. This sort of thing is quite common as background checks are only done within a three day waiting period and when the time is up, the person is allowed to buy the gun without any proper evaluation on their history or condition. We as a nation are progressing in terms of technology, education and many other things, but are failing when it comes to protecting ourselves from domestic terrorism. “…We are the only advanced country on Earth that sees this kind of mass violence erupt with this kind of frequency."(Obama) Gun Violence is a problem that sadly has been embedded into our culture. Guns have been part of culture since our arrival to the New World. Guns played a huge part in search for our independence as the Revolutionary war started with the first shots …show more content…
Guns have been part of our culture every since the revolutionary war. But as time is changing we must have common sense laws that are reasonable enough to prevent another school shooting. Gun Control can happen as in it is put in the place in countries such as Australia. In 1996, Australia issued strict gun laws after a mass shooting and every since then the homicide rate went down drastically and had no mass shooting. Guns are a double edge sword that can either protect us or kill us. We must decide wither to make guns available to the wrong hands. As, the former Commissioner of the NYPD, Howard Safir, states "They only we can stop this, is if we find a solution

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