Divine Revelation Essay

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Divine revelation is unexpected. Divine revelation brings us closer to Omni competence. Revelation has an engulfing impact; thus it is the primary trait of theological existence. Revelation is God’s unveiling of Himself; it His voluntary act of disclosure, and it comes from eternity. Transcendent revelation is an awe-filled experience which comes from God’s personal initiative. If God did not want us to know Him, we would not know anything about Him or know that He even existed, because of this we would not be able to live. Humans cannot know God’s secrets, no matter how hard and consistent we are at trying to know them. God is the one in control of what and when something is revealed to us. He is free to reveal or not to reveal Himself to …show more content…
We will become practicing heathenism, paganism, and begin climbing the evolutionary ladder. God will be more and more pushed out of our lifestyles and beliefs. This can be seen in Elijah’s example and how he destroyed the false god Baal. Even the disciples deserted Jesus when He was arrested and put on trial. They knew and saw more than anyone has ever seen and they still deserted Jesus when the times became tough. When everyone else was denying Jesus, they decided to follow the majority, and they denied Him as well. God’s divine disclosure is in nature and history and the conscience promises that victory will be obtained for His revelational purpose. His death and resurrection established the renewed church that is to preach that God is the only way for salvation and that He is the only hope for a doomed world. God tells of His grace and mercy, but people still reject Him. Even the ones who are thoroughly astonished by God’s grace still opposed Him. The purpose of divine disclosure is not simply to display God’s wonder, but to communicate the truth to people. God governs everything that happens. The sign of the of the Son of Man coming in His future glory in Matthew’s Gospel in its full meaning signals end of the present course of world history. Faith is in God, not in signs, and rests ultimately upon God’s Word. The spiritual quality of signs depends on the moral nature of the one who works with them

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