Essay On The Importance Of Leadership In Health Care

Good leadership is important for the success of any organization. 1The importance of good leadership is apparent in how it affects quality patient care. Patient safety should be a top priority in the whole organization. If patient safety and quality care are seen as a priority by everyone in the organization, the effectiveness of the organization’s performance will improve, including its ability to achieve the goals of high-quality patient care, financial sustainability, community service, and ethical behavior.
Effective leadership is so important, that one of the nation’s top health care accrediting bodies, The Joint Commission, sets standards focused specifically on leadership. The Joint Commission standards for leadership address three leadership groups: The governing body, the chief executive and other senior managers, and the leaders of the licensed independent practitioner.1 For the healthcare organization to be successful, the governing body, the chief executive, and the leaders of the licensed independent practitioner should have knowledge and skill to effectively work together to fulfil their roles and understand the organization vision and mission, and safety and quality goals.
The governing body is responsible for the safety and quality of care,
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Healthcare leadership has the power, resources, and means to influence and implement factors that will make it possible to provide care quality, safe and efficient care. Leaders should sustain focus on safety and quality and ensure that each medical staff is focused on maintaining excellence in performance and working together to achieve that goal. Safe and quality patient care will reduce medical errors, improve health outcomes, reduce mortality rate, improve health service access, and reduce hospital readmission

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