Ethical Conflict In Nursing

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When one is in the position of managing others, it is extremely important to understand how to prevent and resolve conflict in the event that an issue becomes present. To describe conflict, this is something that occurs when “individuals or entire organizations perceive frustration in the execution of goals” (Shockley-Zalabak, 2015). While researching organizational conflicts that may occur within businesses, there was an issue pertaining to the loyalty that nurses display within their organization, and the ethics code that should be displayed towards the patients. Finding an appropriate balance between ethics and loyalty seemed to be the main issue, and is also something that I must prepare to face while starting my new career. The purpose …show more content…
44). Pertaining to the issues between morals and ethics, there are strategies that may prove to be useful. The first strategy is to practice problem solving skills. Since the nurse manager is the person who is in charge of creating an environment that is suitable for all of other nurses, it was her job to attempt to resolve any conflicts that may occur. She used problem solving, which is defined a “multistage process for moving an issue, a situation, or a state from undesirable to a more desirable condition” to attempt to create a peaceful environment (Shockley-Zalabak, 2015, p. 257). For instance, the nurse manager understood the difficulties of finding a proper balance between needs of the organization and those of the families, patients, and nurses, thus allowing her to attempt to find a resolution. Another important strategy that was used in my article is compromise. Compromises are used to balance concerns with negotiation comportments. With the nurse manager, by default, her job was to compromise with her staff, the organization, and the patients and to try to find solutions to problems as the

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