The Importance Of Commercial Model Innovation? Essay example

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The Importance of Commercial Model Innovation
The Reason I choose it because I believe the commercializing model innovation is most significant and effective way to make company profit. As a MBA student, my dream is to open up my own business. Creating a reasonable and profitable commercialization model will attain the result with half effort. It is extremely important to study a lesson: With the rise in labor costs, raw material prices and other costs, many enterprises used to pursue technology leadership, differentiation and low cost strategy has been difficult to adapt to the requirements of enterprise development. Facing with new business environment has become increasingly uncertainty, Enterprises have to adjust it from several aspects like strategic, marketing, technical innovation, organizational behavior that needs to build a new model. Remodeling business model has become the choice of enterprise sustainable development and the key to maintain a competitive advantage.

The Concept of Commercial Model Innovation
Business model refers to the basic logic of enterprise value creation, that we called how customers provide products and services, when the enterprise in the value chain or value network and obtain profits. In popular explanation, it is about how the enterprises make money.
Business model innovation is basic logic changes, which refers to the enterprise value creation. It is also called by bringing the new business model into social production system to…

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