Fujifilm Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… This assisted in keeping it at pace to embrace the rapid technological innovation. Initially starting off as photography and imaging company, the company diversified into various other products such as medical equipment, digital cameras and other devices previously mentioned in this paper. With each level of products, Fujifilm was able to achieve groundbreaking profits depending on the preferences of the consumer base at each time (Williams, 2013).
The move to decentralize its production bases and venture into the global market, including US that was dominated by Kodak was a bold move by the management. Fujifilm did not lay complacent after its successful dominance in the Japanese market, rather, that was seen as an eye-opener to the potential market that lay awaiting globally. A breakthrough was in 1984 at the Olympics hosted in Los Angeles, an opportunity the management utilized to grab a portion of market share from Kodak (Schum,
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Over the years, the company has acquired diverse ventures such as SonaSite, a medical ultrasound equipment manufacturer and many others in order to maintain high profits in the face of the changing market due to a foreseeing of potential decline in its initial core business, film photography (Schum, 2012).
Fujifilm’s R&D long realized the change of photography technology. The management put up strategies in the 1980s that ensured capitalizing of the last glory years in film photography and investing the revenues collected in digital technology. This went a long way in ensuring the photography segment still went strong in the changing market.
The management in Fujifilm saw the potential in global leadership and ensured it established international production bases and markets. This succeeded as the company took a portion of Kodak’s US market, eventually overpowering it with current 25% margin separating the companies in photofinishing businesses.
Development of diverse in-house expertise and diversity of products ensured that Fujifilm had a smooth transition in the changing markets. There was no need to share profits with other corporate entities while diversifying in the chemical and medical equipment

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