Wallace's Argument Essay: The Value Of College Degree

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College should not be imposed on anyone, it should be a thoughtful choice you make based on what you want to become later in life. If some professions require degrees, some others only require experience and passion. However, I understand that college is an important passage in life, if one has the opportunity, because it makes people more open to the world around us, more open minded, and last but not least, more knowledgeable. Today, more and more jobs have started asking for a lot of qualifications, they’ve become more selective as if college was mandatory if someone wants a decent quality of life. Yet, tuitions are too costly and close doors for motivated students, which are why the price of college needs to change, and evolve with our …show more content…
Talking of wealth, not financially, but mentally, because college shows the world in a different perspective, and this is what makes students “knowledge-wealthy”. David Foster Wallace has an important perspective on that matter. He declares that college is supposed to make us less arrogant, “because a huge percentage of the stuff that [he] tends to be automatically certain of is […] totally wrong and deluded.” He emphasizes on the fact that sometimes our ideas are not correct, and implies that people should be more open-minded. Wallace believes that freedom is when people are educated, attentive, and disciplined. College develops student’s critical sense, and makes them independent individuals that learned how to think. It will not only teach them how to be successful in their careers, but how to be pleased with what they have in their lives, to stop complaining and being arrogant. Wallace encourages students to think that there is no shame in being wrong, and that they should embrace and acknowledge failure. This is particularly relevant to me, because I was raised thinking like that. My family always told me that education was the only thing I have to concentrate on for a while, no one can take away my degree once I have it. They know what my goals are and the only way I can reach them is by having a college education. It isn’t necessarily society itself that pressures students to do so; it is family, friends, that may know what students want, and push them to persevere at times where they are not totally ready to make inevitable life changing

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