Cleaning Your Hair Research Paper

Cleaning Your Hair

Your hair washing schedule should be based on how much oil is in your hair. If you have very oil scalp you will want to wash your hair daily. If your hair is chemically treated your hair will be drier and you won’t want to wash it too often. As we age our scalps produce less oil and so the older your get the less frequently you will need to wash your hair. If you find flakes on your scalp then you will need to shampoo more often than you are currently doing. The right shampoo regime can help to prevent dandruff and other diseases of the scalp.

When washing your hair you want to concentrate more on the scalp than on the actual hair shaft. If you concentrate more on the shaft of your hair when shampooing it then you will end up with more fly away hair and your hair will feel coarse and dull. After you shampoo you must use conditioner unless you are using one of those 2-in-1 shampoos or a conditioning cleanser. You should apply conditioner on the hair shaft and not concentrate on adding it to the scalp. A good conditioner will provide your hair with protection against the suns harmful rays as well as will increase the strength of your hair and decrease its static electricity.
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It is very important to clean your hair and clean it regularly. Keeping your hair clean will help in keeping your scalp free from dandruff and lice. Above that is that it will keep your hair looking beautiful. When it gets to cleaning your hair, you may think that it is a very simple and obvious task but that is not the case. Most often we don’t do it in the right or most effective way. Below is a procedure that you may follow when cleaning your

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