The Importance Of Chinese Food

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Chinese food is the most popular food in the world. More and more people from different countries know more about China because of Chinese food. In the article sunshine and water in China by Zhe Xing, the author said if there is any city with more than 50 thousand people, they must have Chinese people as well as Chinese restaurants.(Zhe 2013). Chinese food is more than 5000 years old, and it has special rules.There are five ways to judge a traditional Chinese food: color, smell, taste, meaning, and form. Also five meanings to cook Chinese food:sauteing, braising, boiling, steaming and frying. And today,new immigrant adapt Chinese food to other country 's’ people’s taste. In the article Chinese food by Du Bai, the author mention that critics …show more content…
A good smell will affect some part of the brain, which makes people have a good appetite, so Chinese cooks always use specific seasoning like pepper and fennel other food ingredient to produce a very strong attractive small to make people like it.
Taste is the most important part in Chinese food. Taste is the key for successful dishes. In Chinese food, cooks always try to mix different ingredient like green Chinese onion and tortillas to change the taste.
Meaning is also a big part in Chinese food culture. In China, people give different ingredients or dishes different meaning. For example, when I was a student in high school, before an important exam, my mother always cooked fish or noodle. Fish in a dish means overnight success. After fish, they will pass the exam. Chinese people think noodles mean everything will go smoothly.So, once a student eat noodles, everything will go successfully.
In the end, form. Chinese people care about the dish’s form, even if tasty good, but does not have good form, the food critic won’t recommend it. Some cooks can use different ingredient cook to different form. For example, they can use carrot to chisel a dragon.(Du
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The third time for Chinese immigration is after 1949, especially after 1979, because the country began to open the country’s door and people have more and more open mind, during this time, the reason for immigration become more varied. For example, the government begin help some students to pay tuition for study abroad, and more and more students study abroad by their family. Some people migrant other country to find or rely on their family who already immigrant there. Also some people migrant other for environment , religion problems and trade.(Liu 2015). In the article Chinese immigrant in the Unite states by Kate Hopper and Jeanne Batalova, the author introduce about “Approximately one-quarter of all Chinese emigrants settle in the Unite States, with other popular destinations including Canada(896,000), South Korea(657,000), Japan(655,000),Australia(547,000), and Singapore(457,000), according to mid-2013 estimates by the Unites Nations Population Division to view an interactive map showing where migrants from china and other countries have settled worldwide. Around half of Chinese immigrants obtain lawful permanent residence in the Unites States(also known as receiving a “green card”) through family channels, The remainder qualifies though employment-based preferences, or asylee status.”

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