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Sikh Asian Americans
Asian-Americans are fastest growing racial group in America today. After 1965, American immigration laws were adjusted to allow people from Asian to enter the US and reside in the US as permanent residents in larger numbers. The motivation behind the construction of these new laws involved the desire of the US to build its economy from taking some of the brightest minds in other nations and incorporating them into its own. Thanks to the US not wanting to separate families between nations, chain migrations were able to occur where after one family member comes to the US, his or her entire family can eventually come to the US as well. Through this process, Gurpinder Gill and Harvel Gill were able to immigrate to the US. They
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This career choice was logical considering Harvel is from a family of low-income farmers in rural Punjab. After four months of back-breaking work he moved to the Bay Area and began working at various factories. He continued to work long hours and lived in a two bedroom apartment with all 6 siblings and his parents. When his wife and his siblings’ partners got to America, there were 11 people living in the two bedroom apartment. They were trying to save money to buy a house. Because all 11 of them lacked a formal US recognized education, fluency in English, and assets in India, they remained in the cramped apartment for years. Eventually, six of them moved to a house when they were wanted to have kids. Harvel Gill, his wife, his brother, his brother’s wife, and his parents all moved to the heavily latinx populated suburbs of Hayward, California. Here the South Asian population often turned to work in industries such as owning small stores which served the latinx population, working in factories through South Asian connections, or driving …show more content…
They immigrated to the US with their immediate family members and worked in companies and fields that were dominated by Punjabi Americans. The Bay Area in California has a very large South Asian population with Sikh Temples located in Hayward, Fremont and San Jose. Most Punjabis who immigrant to America are Sikh as well. Being Sikh, the Gurdwaras (Sikh Temples) played a huge role in the post-immigration process. Gurdwaras remain as the preferred destination to celebrate Sikh holidays, meet other Sikh folk, interact with community leaders, share personal experiences, and make Sikhi friends. The Gurdwara was an area where Gurpinder Gill and Harvel Gill could be proud of their identity and be emerged in a place designed for them to be themselves. They were able to come to the Gurdwara to participate in the community meal known as langar, volunteer in the process of making langar, and host celebrations like the birth of their children. Harvel Gill and Gurpinder Gill have been visiting a Gurdwara every Sunday Afternoon ever since they came to the US in the

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