Chinese Exclusion Act Essay

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Chinese Exclusion Act
The title of the document is the Chinese Exclusion Act of May 6, 1882. The document was written by the federal government of United States, passed by congress and signed by the President Chester A. Arthur. The document was written on 6th of May 1882. Chinese began to emigrate in the year of 1849, and the act was passed in 1882 so, this document was written approximately after 32 years the events described. In 32 years many things changed, the American government felt the Chinese immigration was a threat to their economy because unemployment was raising at that time and that is what made the American government to pass this act.
Chinese immigrant began flooding into the United States in 1850’s attracted by the opportunities in the west coast. There was increasing
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Their audience were all the Chinese who were planning to come to the U.S and also the Chinese who were already here. The Hope of this document was to stop the immigrant from coming to the U.S because as the gold became limited and unemployment increased, the Americans felt the Chinese as a competition to their economy. Also, the hope was to stop the population growth of Chinese society and stimulate the economy by creating employment to the citizen of U.S.
The document has a great significance because it stopped Chinese from coming to U.S which avoided population growth in the U.S. The Chinese laborer who worked in the rail roads and mining areas were sending the money and gold back home to support the family which was the threat to U.S economy, therefore the passing of the Exclusion act helped the U.S citizen to get a job which helped to boost the U.S economy in a long run. Also the rapid increase in the number of Chinese immigrant was a threat to the U.S because they were forming a Chinese society making the whites a minority in the west side of the

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