Chinese Xenophobia Case Study

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Summary In 1848 Gold was discovered in stunner hill mine, an abundance of people from various locations wanted to excavate the mine for gold. There were various people that came but, of the races the Chinese caused a shift in the areas cultural and economic environment that the Caucasians residents weren’t used to. This migration of Chinese people to California created animosity within the white American culture slowly over time. The xenophobia displayed from white Americans directed toward the Chinese is how it initially started. The fact that the Chinese were from another location and looked different made white people feel uneasy and perturbed. Then when they realized that the Chinese started monopolizing various necessary industries, various jobs preferred hiring Chinese employees, taking land and space, the question of interracial relationships raised, and upheaval within the economy became an issue, white Americans felt justified in the hate they had toward the Chinese. Thus, was initiated stereotypes the Chinese and whites began committing racial crimes against the Chinese, as well as conducting meetings of how to dispose of them or …show more content…
The Chinese were believed to be taking all the jobs and fields of work which made white people angry, and as more Chinese were coming toward California the availability of job became scarcer. And as the population grew with more Chinese residents the economy took a downturn which the white Americans blamed on the Chinese. Then, as time passed, white people began to feel that the Chinese had committed an underhanded scheme to take over the American economy, since they filled occupations such as clothing, food, and tobacco which were prevalent fields during that time. As jobs started to decrease for white people they supported the passing of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 to prevent the Chinese from taking anymore

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