The Benefits Of Immigration

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Few things are more controversial than immigration. The wave of immigrants across U.S. borders enrages many native-born residents. Throughout history, immigrants have made their way to the U.S. from places all over the world, bringing new blood which has energized the American economy and enriched the intellectual, social, and cultural life in more ways than one. Despite many things the nation owes to the work of immigrants, at various times nativists have tried to close the door on people wishing to come in. Although many citizens believe that immigrants steal jobs, unfairly draw government benefits, and alter the social fabric of the United States, there is great danger in overreacting to the issue. History shows that when anti-immigrant …show more content…
Many taxpayers feel that immigrants receive more government benefits than they deserve and that the social costs of new arrivals are overwhelming. Illegal immigrants are not allowed to receive any forms of welfare, public health care, or retirement benefits, and even legal residents are required to contribute to Medicare and Social Security for at least 10 years before they can benefit from these government programs (West 434). One misconception about illegal immigrants is that they pay no taxes when, in fact, many pay taxes even though they are ineligible to receive the government benefits the taxes pour into. Undocumented aliens pay sales tax on every purchase they make just like any other consumer would. Similarly, if they own or rent housing, they pay the related property tax. Because they pay for food, housing, entertainment, haircuts, and spend money on many more products, there is no doubt they generate considerable economic activity (West 435).
Throughout its history, the United States has been seen as a haven for people from around the world, so it’s no wonder that the majority of immigrants entering the U.S. are simply seeking the freedoms that America guarantees and the economic opportunities that the America presents. People leave their countries because of war, persecution,
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has held an open door for newcomers. Japan permits almost no immigration, and China goes so far to even try preventing its citizens from leaving (Sudo et al. 4). From the Pilgrims, Puritans, and Quakers seeking religious freedom, to 19th- and early 20th-century Jews fleeing European hatred, to modern-day Chinese, Haitians, Bosnians, and Vietnamese escaping threats in their own countries, America has been a beacon to people who had no sense of security at home (Sudo et al. 4). Sadly, though, most immigrants in the U.S. face a tougher reality than they anticipated. Immigrants must be much more resourceful than most people- taking risks and working hard for the chance to create a completely new life for themselves and their family. It takes courage, determination, and confidence far beyond that of a typical person to leave the only life they have ever known and set out for a new place.
If the United States wants to preserve its reputation as a society in which all members are valued, regardless of their national status, the people of the nation must learn to recognize the mutual dependency between themselves and immigrants. Without the contributions of generations upon generations of immigrants to the U.S. who refused to leave their traditions behind, the characteristics and ideals that Americans are so proud of would not exist. The American people need to embrace, accept, and encourage those foreign-born individuals who are so inclined to

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