The Pros And Cons Of Immigration To The United States

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Immigration has always been a big issue and a “hot topic” in the United States of America. For the past months it has been a major subject of discussion on the different political conferences. Americans have been fed with the idea of Most of the population believe that immigrants are a threat for the economy, society and for the country itself, therefore, there has been a growth in the rejection and hate against immigrants. On the Washington Times’ article published by John Engler, the idea of an immigration reform in the United States is introduced. According to Engler, America is in need of greater investment and growth, and this could be achieved by the creation of more jobs and opportunity for its citizens as a result of an immigration reform and the acceptance of migration masses to the United States. Experts found out that …show more content…
The government and the media keep on labelling and creating stereotypes for immigrants, and this has developed a fear that Americans have on immigrants. The only excuse that the people against immigration in the United States is that other individuals that come from another country have harmed the United States, such as terrorists. But is that the reality? Are all the individuals coming for another country terrorists and lazy workers? A great number of the American people is not well informed regarding immigrants and the benefits that they bring to the society and economy, they are just fooled by media and the government, who aggravate the issues that some of the immigrants bring to the United States and create a layer of stereotypes for all the individuals that come to the country looking for a better opportunity. This simple misunderstanding of concepts regarding the issue creates more problems not only for the individuals, but for the country. All there is left as a results are

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