Stetson: Personal Narrative Analysis

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Change has always been difficult for me. The change from elementary school to middle school was surprisingly difficult for me. The weeks leading up to move in day felt similar to my weeks leading up to middle school. When tasked with this essay I knew immediately what to write about. My biggest concern as I approach my time at Stetson is my ability to adapt to change. With so many changes about to occur, I struggled with the challenge of the unknown both socially and academically.

Socially, I was concerned about change since I am the only person from my high school in the past three years that chose Stetson for college. This means I will not have any familiar faces at Stetson once I move in. My high school graduating class was
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I was in the International Bacchleurate program from kindergarten through senior year so I was exposed to a lot of different teaching styles and study skills during my time in school. There were a few subjects in school that did not come as naturally as others did but I was always able to push myself to study more so that eventually the subjects did come naturally. One thing that does concern me about starting my time at Stetson is adapting to the different professors. Attending a small school meant that I had a lot of teachers for multiple years. I became close with my teacher. I learned how they taught and why they taught the way that they taught. Even though the content they were teaching was new, the way the information was presented was familiar. This familiarity allowed me to thrive academically even when the content was difficult. I do not believe that being concerned about my academic abilities is a major issue since I am here to learn. Besides remembering that while here I am a student first and everything else is second, I hope to address this concern by making sure I am mentally, not just physically, present for every class. Staying on top of my workload and being prepared for class should hopefully allow me to understand the many facets of a

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