The Importance Of Cell Phones In Education

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When I was in grade nine, I got my first cell phone. Cell phones were allowed in high school, but were not supposed to be used in class. Although this rule was very clear, students still used their cell phones in class. When this was done, our phones distracted us from learning. In addition, teachers would state that it was rude to be on our cell phones in class. Outside of the classroom, but still within the school, my cell phone became very helpful. For example, I would often use it to call my parents, or to check the latest news from guidance. Not only that, but it was also helpful for educational purposes such as doing quick research or reading online. It also distracted me and interfered with my education in ways with social media, music, …show more content…
At the same time, I would always be afraid that I would be robbed or attacked because of my cell phone. This brings me to my next article called, “Cellphone thefts soar over past decade” by Patty Winsa. This article shows that the amount of cell phones stolen in Toronto has went up by 400 percent over a ten year time period (Winsa et al., 2014). “Greenaway launched an investigation after 15… were targeted on their way home from school in 2012” (Winsa et al., 2014, p. 36). When robberies occur after school off of school property, it puts the student in danger. Cell phone robberies can happen during school as well. For example, at my school there were many phone robberies. The school does not do anything about it because it is the students’ responsibility. This can cause problems for the students since it shows that cell phones are a target of danger during school, but nothing can be done. I agree that it should be a student’s own responsibility if something of theirs gets stolen, however, if it puts the student in a dangerous situation, then the school should do something about …show more content…
My next article titled: “Is It Safe to Allow Cell Phones in School?” by Kenneth S. Trump discusses that, “Administrators also worry about cell phone cameras being used to take and spread inappropriate photographs… cyber bullying presents a similar new challenge to school discipline” (Trump et al., 2009, p. 3). I believe that using a cell phone is an easy way to cyber bully someone. When I was in high school, there was a lot of bullying that was done using a cell phone like taking mean pictures and sending it to friends, or writing gossip on social media. Since it is usually done with a personal cell phone, it is hard to catch the culprit. I believe bullying that all these actions are wrong and should be stopped by the school, but some might argue that it is not the cell phones fault, but the students fault. At the same time, allowing cell phones in school acts as a scapegoat for such

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