The Importance Of Cat In Every House

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According to the story of Noah’s Ark, when mice and rats bred and infested the whole boat, Noah consulted the lion. The lion sneezed, and out popped two domestic cats, ready to go! While this is most likely not how the domestic cat was created, it goes to show that cats have been around as useful and companion animals for a very long time. Despite my mother’s oh-so-strong argument of “because I said so”, every house should have a cat because they hunt vermin, are easy to care for, and are beneficial to one’s health.

While cats can be our cuddly companions, they are also what some may refer to as “the most important animal on the farm”. This is due to the cat’s adept ability to hunt mice and other vermin, as well as its scent. According to
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As someone who has owned a cat in the past, I can confirm that all a cat needs to be healthy and happy is food, water, a litter box, the occasional trip to a vet, and of course, love. They’re generally not noisy, and while toys can provide lots of entertainment, most cats will prefer the empty pop can box. Most landowners will allow their tenants to have a cat, as opposed to dogs. While dogs are great animals too, they require much more attention and space. They’re also very noisy, which is why most apartments and landowners will not allow them. In my opinion, a dog is the toddler of the house. He requires a lot of constant attention and care. While a cat is more like the moody, angst-driven teenager. She lounges around all day quietly and occasionally gives you attention, mainly when she wants money to go to the movies with her boyfriend needs food. Because of a cat’s independent nature, they’re much better for the on-the-go person or for the family who can’t trust those pesky neighbors. Another problem with having a dog is that he or she needs to be let outside fairly often, or else you’ll have a mess to clean up. While it would still be a good idea to have someone check in on your feline friend, it is entirely possible to leave a cat alone for days on end as long as you left enough clean litter, water, and food, making cats the best option for frequent business …show more content…
Animal rights advocate Igor Purlantov has collected the following benefits of having cats, confirmed by researchers. Cats prevent asthma and allergies in children, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks, boost immune systems, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and lower triglycerides, reduce stress, anxiety, and risk of stroke, help with autism, improve mood, reduce loneliness, depression, and visits to the doctor, as well as giving their owners a longer life. From experience, I personally can confirm that cats help with autism. My best friend Tyler has a younger brother named Jude. Jude has a mild form of autism, but it’s still prominent. Before his mother allowed them to have two cats, Jude would have lots more frequent and aggressive meltdowns. Now of course, he still has them, it’s not something that just goes away. But as someone who practically lives at their house, I can confirm that he has seemed to have gotten a lot better after getting cats. The cats love him and watch over him like little fluffy guardian angels. In addition to helping with autism, I can also personally confirm that cats definitely help with depression and loneliness. Before my dad deployed to Egypt, he made me a promise. After he left, I could get a cat. As promised, I got my feline friend, Cleo, the next day. While not confirmed, we were fairly sure she was at least part Russian

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