Workforce Diversity Swot Analysis


The term careers have often been restricted to suggest an employment commitment to a single trade skill, profession or business firm for the entire working life of a person. Career management is the process through which employees become aware of their own interests, values, strengths and weakness. Everyone has their own career goals. In achieving career goals, they have to go through some of the challenges in advance. They need to know about theirself "SWOT analysis" which is strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat in finding suitable employment for themselves. The outcome of successful career management should include personal fulfillment, worklife balance, goal achievement, and financial security. Therefore, to achieve
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According to the explanation of career management and workforce diversity, we know that the current issue or trends of workforce diversity have affected the function of career management and development which workforce diversity will lead to effective competition in the job market nowadays. This is because when the increasingly diverse workforce in a field of work, it will be the challenges of the peoples who finding work because diversity of the workforce will create and maintain effective performance-based systems, ability to have an impact to the employees, expectations of empowerment, access to information and technology. Beside that, changes in the workplace have made cultural ethnocentrism, cultural ethnocentrism is they belief in their own cultural only, and it is dysfunctional in the global economy. However, by bringing a greater pool of talent to the workplace, the diversity often results in better decision making, an increased understanding of customers' needs, and a greater staffing …show more content…
Beside that, organization, especially HR department can give a diversity training to the managers and employees. HR expertise is useful in evaluating where diverse candidates can be placed in the organization so they can make the most valuable contributions. By this, managers and other employees can manage diversity in the workplace. The purpose of diversity training is to increase participants' cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills.


Working in any field professionally is much more demanding in the fast paced world of today. Workforce diversity makes the work field more challenging than before. Nowadays, a variety of diverse workforce makes the workplace become more various.

Workforce diversity can be affected the function of career management and development in an organization. Workforce diversity such as age, culture, gender, sexual orientation, educational background and others will be influenced or career in the future. Many views that, their careers as an important aspect of their life and as such they should be properly guided and directed. Career management will give the direction and guidance to the people who need it. We have to use our skills that we have to become more successful in future. We have to take responsibility for our life and career, even during an economic slowdown

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