Career Changes In Nursing

Throughout a life span many changes will take place within your career. Some changes will be good or bad. What drives the change to occur within a career is status, money or health related issues? Career changes are general made to enhance life style. Role transition is moving from one disciple to another, while still remaining in same field. The roles will change as well as the mindset to create a better change. Transitioning from one level of nursing to another usually occur when a person receives more education. Education opens up the doors for many new opportunities with the health care industry and corporate world. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic predicted in 2012 a 19% increasing demand for nurses and an employment rate of 3,238,400 for Registered Nurses.
Transitioning from an associate to a bachelor of nursing can be challenging. An associate
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The patient feel the nurse is able to critical think and is more diverse than an associate degree nurse. There was a short stay in the hospital, decrease hospital acquired bed sores and the patient felt that the information was better conveyed by the advance nurse (Healthcare Source Blog, 2015). In 1923 the Goldmark report says that a four year degree would be embarked upon an entry level nurse which caused an outpour of disgust for associate nurses (Health Guidance for Better Healthcare.) The role that I will play in the healthcare environment is a leadership role; I will be implementing and enforcing all the new proven evidence-based practice. I believe with implementation of new ideals comes a battle, however staying focus and grounded the team will embark on the adventure with less resistance. I will be an advocate for patients as well as for my nurses to the management team for better equality of care and improve the moral between

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