What Is The Difference Between Lewis And Clark Expedition

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To emphasize all of our success on this expedition, we need recognizes our leaders and their roles on the trip. The expedition was co-lead by Captain Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. As the President Thomas Jefferson was debating on if he should send an expedition, Meriwether was his private secretary. Thomas Jefferson knew Lewis served in the military, had frontier experience, and was a great pathfinder. These skills and trust helped Thomas Jefferson to pick Lewis as the leader of the expedition, and Lewis was able to pick his co-leader. Lewis knew his choice would be his old militia commander, William Clark. Clark excepted the invitation and the President agreed. Leading up to the expedition Lewis studied at Pennsylvania University to discuss possible route. One of the main skills that Lewis brought to the expedition was his keen observation, sense, and writing details when it came to discovering and taking notes on plants …show more content…
His most important skills was his ability to draw and scale detailed maps of there journey. He recorded the names of waterways, shape of the waterways, landscapes, and the location of the all. Similarly like Lewis's leadership skills, Clark possessed people skills. He was very good at keeping his temper with people and situations. He was especially good at negotiating with the Indians in difficult environments. There is no know major arguments or disagreements between Lewis and Clark. Finally, Clark’s journals were exceptionally written with detail. He wrote in longitudes and latitudes, and about the Indian’s way of life. Clark obtained a patient composure and respect. It is said the his composure was the “backbone” of the expedition. William respected the Indian’s traditions, and kept everyone on positive terms with the them. It is because of Clark’s superior maps that we were able travel more efficient on the way home, and that America could see where to go out

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