The Influence Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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President Thomas Jefferson had an idea of expansion and once he convinced congress to allow him to send explores out west he did just that. Lewis and Clark headed the expedition that would lead them from the Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean. They played a vital role in the growth of Young America because of this expedition. America had many needs during the time of Lewis and Clarks expedition.
The reason why Lewis and Clark went on this expedition not only because President Jefferson asked them to but because this was uncharted territory. They mapped everything along the way from the start in St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. While they were exploring this new territory, they were establishing American presence in the west, that keep any other country from coming in and claiming it for that country. Lewis and Clark discovered and wrote about in their diaries around 120 animals and 180 plants. The relationship with the Indians were never strong, but with the expedition of Lewis and Clark they were able to
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America was still not at peace fully with the French and English. With the embargo act of 1807 American ships were prohibited from leaving port to any nation because Britain and France had restrictions on neutral shippers. So, because of this they needed to rely on what they could produce in America for commerce instead of importing things. Because American’s wanted more land for farming they were trying to take it from the Indians until we bought Louisiana from the French and had enough to satisfy the people right then. With the expedition this brought knowledge of what was in the west for settlers. Lewis and Clark studied the Rivers to give information about them, like how deep, which way they ran and what life was in them. They also studied the mountains so that people could understand the height and location of where they

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