Differences Between Lewis And Clark

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Meriwether Lewis’s Death

When a person hears the names, “Lewis and Clark,” the majority of people think of the two brave explorers leading The Corps of Discovery. Starting in 1803 and ending in 1806, Lewis and Clark lead the Corps on a journey through the Louisiana territory. The purpose of this expedition was to observe the newly acquired land, interact (positively) with the natives, but most importantly to find a clear water route that would be used for trade. Even though a clear, navigable water route was not found, the expedition was indeed successful in the exploration of the new land. Soon after the journey both Lewis and Clark were rewarded with positions to high offices. Clark was appointed Brigadier General of the Militia and Superintendent of Indian Affairs, while Lewis was made the Governor of the Upper Louisiana territory. It’s safe to say that the Governor position did not suit Lewis very well. Lewis faced many hardship while in his position. Whether these be hardships within himself or complications with his job. Due to these
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This was an Inn located in Tennessee while Lewis was making a trip to Washington D.C. This would be a trip he would unfortunately not return from, given he never made it to his destination anyways. Lewis was traveling to Washington for many different reasons. He needed to attend to the publication of his journals, needed to work out some issues with the newly appointed secretary of war at that time, and supposedly held some very important information on General James Wilkinson. The information that was held on General Wilkinson would destroy not only Wilkinson’s reputation but Thomas Jefferson’s reputation as well. Once again another reason for his assassination. Jefferson needed a way to keep Lewis from blowing the whistle and unmasking the facade of Thomas Jefferson and General Wilkinson. The only way to achieve this was killing Lewis before he could

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