Compare And Contrast Book T Washington And Booker T Dubois

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The plight of the African American has been exceptionally brutal and generationally consequential in the United States. Africans Americans were brought over to this country by force as slaves and remained enslaved for centuries and after they achieved freedom in 1865 they continually struggled through the Reconstruction period and even beyond the Civil Right period with a system of written and unwritten laws in America that kept them oppressed and made it nearly impossible to control their destiny’s. Shortly after slavery ended, many black leaders arose that had differing strategies for how African American people could strategically achieve equality in the United States. Booker. T Washington, the most influential black leader of his time, asserted that African Americans could achieve social and economic …show more content…
WEB Dubois disagreed with Dubois’ theory and believed blacks would gain equality mainly through political action. While both men had great strategies for social change, achieving true equality in this country requires a combination of both strategies. Both leader 's strategies are conducive toward achieving social, civil, political and economic progress. Many racial groups in this country such as the Jews and the Chinese have chosen to focus most of their collective efforts to achieving economic and educational progress, which is in line with Booker T Washington 's political philosophy to achieve equality. While African Americans have also made progress using DuBois ' strategy through the civil rights movement. Both Booker T. Washington and Dubois ' strategy are important and critical for African Americans to make social and economic progress in America. I intend to demonstrate through various historical contexts, that social progress requires an equal focus on civil rights strategies as well as economical and educational

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