What Are The Differences Between Booker T Washington And W. E. B. Dubois

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Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois’s revivalry changed what was going to happen with equality in society. Both agreed that they could do something to help with African Americans but that was where there different thoughts and philosophies came in. Their rivalry was caused because of their two completely different views on African Americans in their society. Washington thought that African Americans needed to create opportunities while as DuBois thought that it was all about education. Unlike DuBois, Washington was born into slavery in 1856 and his education affected his later life. Since he was born into slavery, he and his parents lived in a one-room log cabin. In 1886 Washington started to work for Viola Ruffner who understood why he …show more content…
Something he comes back to quite a few times in his speech is “"Cast down your bucket where you are" meaning whatever place one may be in the person needs to take advantage of it and to stop looking for something that might solve the problem. Casting down your bucket refers to the U.S.S. Maine incident where a ship going over to Cuba exploded. African Americans are like the afflicted sailors ignoring how to survive even though it is right in front of them. Along with the incident, Washington believes that blacks and whites should look to each other for economic advancement which can only happen if they come together. Managers need to stop hiring immigrants Washington says and that Blacks need to be willing to accept the manual labor jobs. His point was that they had to prove themselves first before they would get equal …show more content…
DuBois was born on February 23, 1868, a few years after the civil war, to a free family unlike Washington who was born into slavery. Since he was free, he was able to tend school with whites unlike Washington. Due to growing up in a poor family he experienced very little racism which impacted his later life. Not until he was 15 and attending Fisk University when he experienced true racism that he had never seen before which was aiming at the African Americans.
He first experienced the Jim Crow Laws while attending Fisk University which was the first time that he began to really look at American racism in a different, more serious way. After Fisk University, he attended Harvard University and then studied abroad in Germany. The Jim Crow Laws affected him greatly and his philosophy on blacks getting education. Being in Germany led him to see different political perspectives that everyone

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