Process Essay: How To Be A Good Person

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Every day you are faced with the choice of if you are going to be a good person to others or if you are going to treat people with less respect than they deserve. A life lesson that has been taught to us ever since we were children is the golden rule, which is "treat others as you wish to be treated." It is important to be a good person because you will soon see that karma will affect you in a positive way and you will soon learn to love yourself. The first step of being a good person is defining what that means to you. To do this step, you must sit back and think of the qualities you wish to see in other people and do them as yourself. An aspect of finding these qualities is to look at someone who may be in higher power than you along with …show more content…
This step is to have a positive attitude as much as you can and to whoever you can. A positive attitude has the characteristics of being optimistic and looking at the good in things. Something many people struggle with is always finding the bad in people, and although this is a second nature for many people, you must sit back and look for the good. Being able to find the good in people is important because it shows that you can be the bigger person and you can put the negatives aside. Something that goes hand in hand with this and shows that you are a good person is being able to be kind to all you meet even if they do not meet your standards or they share different beliefs than you do. With politics, religion, and race being such a touchy subject that is linked to disagreements between people, being able to accept the beliefs presented that are different and respect the beliefs of others, you will be on the road to be a good person. Going back to the golden rule, if you treat others with respect it is more likely that they will treat you with respect. With this being said, although it is important to respect the beliefs of others, you do not have to respect hateful or bigotry characteristics a person may have. Watching out for the warning signs of people is important because although it is good to be positive to them, you do not have to stand for

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