The Importance Of Acquiring A Global Mentality For Marketing Essay

728 Words Dec 8th, 2016 3 Pages
This course has provided me with a constructive and academic study of the opportunities and challenges faced in International Marketing. Through my group project, case study, Newsline, lectures, and exams/quizzes, I have gained valuable knowledge that I can apply to my future. It has allowed me to reflect on issues in marketing that I am familiar with from a new global perspective. I now understand the importance of acquiring a global mentality for marketing while learning the differences between marketing in a classical sense and an international sense.
From my group project, I have learned about various factors that can affect international marketing such as global cultural environment, global business customs, international/political/legal environments, and the awareness required when marketing across different cultures. We learned that a lack of cultural knowledge could result in failed marketing attempts. Messages being pointed towards international markets could be mistaken or misconceived by their audiences. Also, marketers could potentially be sending the wrong message that wouldn’t appeal to that certain market.
Also, from my group project I have learned a great deal about Tata Motors and their domestic (India) and international markets (South Africa). Tata Motors is an automobile manufacturing company located in India. The company manufactures, assembles, develops, designs, and sells all their vehicles. Tata competes all over the globe in countries like Singapore,…

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