Personal Statement Of Purpose

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Purpose Paper
Pur·pose (n.): a person's sense of resolve or determination. The purpose paper is a paper that helps students outline their goals, and find their purpose through their strengths to reach those goals. I have 3 goals in my college life: to pass my classes with a B or higher, apply for an internship, and to become more knowledgeable and wiser. My purpose is to live life to the fullest, to discover what is beyond the horizons; in other words, I want to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Putting my best foot forward and staying optimistic will lead me to success, and my drive to become a successful person is what lead me to have my purposes.
Everyone has different values. My academic-related values are: to always work hard, turn work
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It is important to try hard in school because it has always been an important thing for me. It can be said my family raised me to have strong academic values, and to always try hard in school. My personal values are a little different, however. My personal values are more based on becoming a more enlightened person, expanding upon my already existing to become more open-minded. Things are always changing in our society, so it’s important to know what goes on and to stay informed, and learning new things can change a person’s point of view significantly. It has happened to me, and I want to continue to expand on my knowledge to be a wiser person. Lastly, my career values. I think it is important to love the job that you do, as well as learn as much as you can and get experience from the career. Getting experience would allow me to grow as a person, and I …show more content…
Consistency is to treat people the same and equally, restorative is to help deal and resolve problems between other people, and an arranger can be organized as well as flexible in their schedule. These strengths are important to me because they all represent different parts of myself. Consistency ties in with my belief in equality, that no matter what your sexuality, race, gender, or beliefs are, you deserve to be treated with respect. Restorative is also important because I love to help my friends with any problems they may have; that doesn’t mean I am a pushover though. I am not there to be the only one working to solve the problem, but I will gladly assist loved ones in figuring out how to fix an issue. Arranger is my third strength, and it does reflect on what I usually do. I always plan out a schedule and what things need to be done, but if something pops up, I’ll find a way to fix the schedule and do it as soon as I can. That way, I’ll still be organized and I’ll lose less time trying to re-organize plans or study times. These strengths all lie in my core beliefs, and it helps me to keep going when I know that I am getting somewhere, with the people I love. My purpose is being fulfilled by expanding on my beliefs and attempting to be a kind and helpful

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