How Do Social Forces Affect Your Life

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Social forces have a huge impact on everything in our lives. These forces impact what we choose to wear to what job we choose to have in life. These forces have a strong impact on shaping our life. One major status in my life in being a CSU Stanislaus student! This is a awesome status I inquired, but social forces pushed me into it! Today I am going to write about how this forces impacted this status! Okay so first let 's talk about social institutions that had an impact! Two Major social institutions that affected greatly on my path to going to college at Stanislaus were family and K-12 education.Family influenced me going to Stanislaus and college in general for a number of reasons. First being raised by a single mother had a big influence. …show more content…
One major value I have relating to my choice of going to CSU Stanislaus was my value for higher education. I understand many people around the world are capable people of getting a higher education, but just because of where they live they will never be able to achieve a higher education. Since I understand this I think it would be ashame if I didn’t go to college when so many others would fight for a chance at it. As for familial values I grew up in a diversity family both from an economic level and a ethic level. I understand members of my family felt they didn’t have a chance at college in the past due to their economic status or ethnicities. Since many of my family members felt this way me and my cousins the new generation are strongly encouraged to go to college. The older generations in my family strongly encourages and value college because of the ones who felt they didn’t have the opportunities and from the ones who did and know how much of a great impact it has on our futures. Another personal value I have is a strive to do the best that I can in everything I do. I always like to challenge myself and see what I can do. I like to test my limits. I knew I was able to go to college and I knew I had to continue my education and see how well I can do. A example of how this value has already affected me in my college education is how many units I am taking. I was waitlisted for a lot of my classes and I didn’t imagine I would actually get in all of them. I did however and I decided it must be faith and decided to take them all. Currently I have 21 units this semester and I am happy to say I am rocking it! I did not plan to do this, but I am used to having a tight schedule as I had one in high school. To clear up any confusion I am taking 15 units here at Stanislaus and 6 at a community college this is how I was able to take on so

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