The Importance Of A Quality Field Service Mobility Software Essay

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13. Simplify your work with clear and simple visual schedules.
Tip: It’s easy to get lost in all of the information and details of field service. A quality field service mobility software has a variety of features, one important aspect is the ability to use an auto-routing system that finds the best and fastest route for each technician. Visual dispatch features like drag-and-drop options should also be available for dispatchers to assign tasks to technicians according to their location, availability, specific skills, and experience. A drag-and-drop feature is also good for allowing dispatchers to make adjustments when needed. It can send out automated alerts to FSRs regarding parts, schedule changes, etc. and it can notify FSRs and dispatchers when information is updated.
14. Monitor online reviews and social media to check for comments or complaints from customers.
Tip: Social Media is about starting conversations. Some customers will post their complaints to social media without ever reaching out to the company. A recent survey finds that 60% of the companies surveyed, received a customer complaint via social media and that 55% did not have an effective strategy in place to manage negative social media comments. This is obviously a problem service companies need to address. Remember that these comments can be a valuable source of insight into process issues and individual FSE performance. Furthermore, addressing service issues promptly can help your organization. For…

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