The Importance Of A Good Teacher And A Poor Teacher Essay

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When one finally decides to become a teacher, whether it’s high school or elementary, one always has the thought of, “What kind of teacher will I be?” One of the common things about that question would be, in comparison as people change over time so does one’s idea of their own educational philosophy. It’s hard to determine the differences between a good teacher and a poor teacher, one of the greatest fears in this subject is the fear of turning out to be a horrible teacher. Educational foundations have definitely altered since the beginning of schools and the educational foundations have undoubtedly progressed since the beginning of public education, which is why when people ask me about my educational philosophy, I answer with that I’m a progressivist.
The role of a teacher is to help their students learn, progress, and mature to form the basis of other ideas as well as their own into their students, an educator of learning.
When reflecting on my own personal teaching philosophy I would consider myself to be a progressivist due to my ideals on the promotion for change, bringing more social and economic courses into the classroom, and to focus more on the needs of the children’s learning. By identifying my own personal teaching philosophies I want to discuss my ideas on classroom management, why I think I’m a progressivist, and my ideas on the importance of progressivist teachers.
Classroom management is something that is often overlooked when studying to become a…

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