The Importance Of Education In American Schools

The education of American students should be improving each year, but the American school system is failing. Student tests results are decreasing and they need more efficient guidance. Otherwise scores will continue to decrease and growth in American intelligence with stagnate. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” - Aristole
The American government unintentionally impedes the education of its citizens by a perpetuating belief that money will improve a broken system. Instead, the government should allow the morals and character values of the Bible to be reincorporated into its schools, some educational responsibility should be placed on the parents of students and the government should
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The importance of guardian involvement with the schools cannot be stressed enough. If American citizens encouraged, uplifted, and celebrated the importance of academic success, students would more likely strive for their best ability and the nation would be greatly benefitted. The focus in schools should be the education of the students, every extra event should be below the main goal of education. Sports for example, they should not be apart of the schools, instead they should be attached to the cities so students have less distraction from learning, and sports has less control over the students academics and school involvement. Students need more than just encouragement and less distractions, they need intelligent minds teaching them their education to their best ability. The most important thing in a students education are the people who teach them. Great teachers improve students education simply by possessing a well-rounded education themselves, which encourages the students to be more comprehensive to their classes in acknowledgement and memory.

The government needs to only allow cream of the crop teachers into the classrooms.
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America 's school system should mimic Finland 's, Finland 's system focuses on teaching it 's citizens the best education. They bond with the students and both teachers and students receive respect. The students are not taught only for good grades on a page and statistics on a chart, they are taught to benefit their lives and the lives around them. Kari Louhivuori, a veteran teacher and a high school 's principal in Finland, explains this very well, “charts and graphs are nonsense, we know much more about the children than tests can tell us.”

Based off this information, the United States need to reevaluate it 's school systems and make some changes. The nation will be pleased with the significant results that occur because of the changes.
America 's school system needs to be more focused on the core education of its students rather than extracurricular courses. Greater intelligent minds need to be guiding them in their education in order for the United States to have more intellect in the future and the government should not rely on

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