The Importance Of A Credential Manager

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As a credential manager you will need to be familiarized with the required licensure and certification of each potential healthcare professional interested in working for your organization. There are different tools that assist in ensuring that the academic qualification and continuing education requirements for a specific profession are met, such as accredited credentialing websites created by the government that are dedicated to giving detailed information of each state professional credentialing requirement which varies state to state. It is the credential manager’s job to ensure that the healthcare professionals are qualified. If the credential manger fails to do this is could have a horrible outcome for the organization and patient.

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If a newly hired healthcare professional is incorrectly credentialed it could be very detrimental to the facility and the patients. It will cost the credentialing manager their job and then the organization will be faced with a slew of lawsuits. Insurance companies will cancel contracts with the provider and may demand to be reimbursed for every cent given. And the worst of it all it could injure a patient or cost them their lives.

In conclusion, a credential manager is a critical function in the health care field. It is important that you as a manager and your staff know your state credentialing requirements. It is your job as a credential manager to monitor these credentials and make sure that the health care staff are getting a refresher of their skills and following the renewal requirements. Making sure that no stone is unturned will not put your organization under severe scrutiny, tarnished reputation, billions of dollars in fines and most importantly endangering the lives of your most valuable assets the

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