The Importance Of A Career As A Financial Analyst Essay

820 Words Sep 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
The data set I found represents Industries that have the highest levels of employment for the occupation of financial analyst. The table breaks down 5 industries that hire a large amount of financial analyst. The data set is essentially showing which industries are showing a great need or interest in financial analyst. The table also shows what percent of the Industries, financial analyst make up, while also displaying both the hourly and annual mean wages each industry offers its financial analyst. This data set is relevant to me because I’m a finance major who wants to peruse a career as a financial analyst. This table is giving me a general idea of where financial analyst will be in high demand. In the future, when I’m searching for a company to work for, having the knowledge of which Industries are showing the most interest in hiring financial analyst, will only help accelerate the job hunting process, by making it simpler and less stressful. Another important aspect of choosing a career, is the salary. This table allows me me to compare the hourly and annual wage rates for each industry, so while deciding which company or industry is best, I can also get an idea of what my potential earnings will be. Individuals who are in the field of finance and have job security as a top priority, are the people who I feel this data set will be extremely useful to. Using this data set would allow those indivisibles to find industries that are showing the most need or…

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