The Importance Of 9th Grade

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Ninth grade can be very confusing and stressful. You may feel like you are officially grown because you have more freedom than you did in junior high or elementary. It is pretty understandable because almost everyone feels that way at first. Once the rules and due dates hit, you will be ready to go back to junior high. Getting to class on time, not worrying over losing friends, and not trying to fit in should be important in starting off your year.
My first piece of advice would be get to class on time. I remember that being one of my biggest downfalls my ninth grade year. School had just started, and i barely saw my friends over the summer time. When we saw each other, we were overly excited. We laughed, talked, hugged, and caught up on everything
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When i first lost my friends, i felt like i had to find somewhere else to fit into to. I tried to fit with the athletic people, because even though i did not play sports for school, i was still apart of a dance team in the community. I felt like i should still be considered an athlete but i thought wrong. I tried to fit with the cool kids. i just was not cool enough because i did not want to contribute to the bad things they did to be apart of the cool group. Halfway throughout this little phase, I realized that i was different from everybody else around me and all thing are not like they appear to be. Once I realized that, I started being myself again. That is when I made one of my two current best friends. My other one came to his senses and realized that the people we used to call our clique was not as good for him as we both used to think at first and he no longer belonged there.
Overall my greatest piece of knowledge I could drop to you is have fun. High school is only stressful if you make it. Set a goal you would like to reach and keep it in mind throughout the year. Go out and get your own experiences to enjoy. You will always remember your ninth grade year, so do not spoil it with bad choices and

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