The Impact of the IOM Report on Nursing Essay

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The Impact of the IOM Report on Nursing
The Affordable Care Act was passed on March 23rd, 2010 and is part of the health reform which increases benefits provided by insurance companies. In Wisconsin insurance companies are now required to cover all preventative care, they are prohibited from dropping coverage of those who are diagnosed with costly diseases, they are unable to make an annual or lifetime limit, and soon they will be unable to “discriminate against anyone with a pre-existing condition” (Health care law, n.d., para. 1-2). “ The new law also makes a significant investment in State and community-based efforts that promote public health, prevent disease and protect against public health emergencies” (Health care
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95). Other ways nurses can step up in leadership roles would include involvement in researching evidenced based practice, engaging in the political process, and returning to school for higher education to take on other roles like a professor at a four year nursing school.
The IOM report states, “one study found that new BSN graduates reported significantly higher levels of preparation in evidenced-based practice, research skills, and assessment of gaps in areas such as teamwork, collaboration, and practice” (IOM, 2011, p. 170). This is step number one in preparing a nursing work force required to allow a true transformation of health care to occur. “An increase in the percentage of nurses with a BSN is imperative as the scope of what the public needs from nurses grows, expectations surrounding quality heighten and the settings where nurses are needed proliferate and become more complex” (IOM, 2011, p. 172). Places of employment need to encourage their staff to seek out higher education. Tuition reimbursement should be provided as an incentive and as assistance to pay for the education. IOM even goes to say that the government needs to provide scholarships as an aid to help the process along. Not only do many associate degree level nurses need to return for a higher education but some education standards need to be altered. IOM points out that the curriculum needs to include more about geriatrics due to our

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