The Impact Of Teen Pregnancy

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In today’s world we face many new problems that we did not have 40 years ago, due to the increase in technology. Today we are fight problems such as Hacking, Internet Scamming as well as Catfish dating. Yet there is still a huge problem that we are facing that has been around since the late 30’s that has gone on without proper acknowledgement. How can something as simple as two human beings engaging in natural human desires lead to a problem? Well Younger and younger people are engaging into these activities known as SEX which lead to pregnancy in their teenage years. Teen Pregnancy effects absolutely everyone, Teen pregnancy affects the economy, the nation, the mothers and the fathers involved as well as the offspring. Teen pregnancy is …show more content…
Having a child young as in adolescents can make it difficult to achieve educational, career and other life goals. This leads to an increase in the number of people needing government assistance. Nationally only about half of teen mothers earn a high school diploma by age 22, in 2012 21% did not graduate or attempt to even finish after finding out they were pregnant. 34% were African American, 28% Native American and 22% Hispanic. 19% of babies born to Oklahoma teens are not the mother’s first child. Having multiple children as a teen further impedes a young person ability to finish school, maintain a job or escape poverty. Even if teen mothers did finish high school, less than 2% finish college before the age of 30. Teen Childbearing is both a cause and consequence of poverty. The federal poverty line is drawn at anyone making $23,624 or less, which nearly half of teen mother must maintain a life style at. As a result many live on government assistance, i.e. food stamps, W.I.C, section 8 and other forms of temporary assistance. If teen pregnancy has this much effect on the teen mother and fathers imagine what the effect on the children. Children born to teen moms often do not perform as well as children to older mother. They typically have lower educational performance, slower mental development and maturity and were twice as likely to prevent a grade compare to their peers.

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