Health Factors: The Generational Cycle Of Teen Pregnancy

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Did you know that there are about 16 million girls ages fifteen to nineteen that give birth each year? There is a generational cycle of teen pregnancy and it is the repeated cycle of teenage pregnancy that happens every year. The generational cycle of teen pregnancy happens all the time because of the influence from media, peers, and the lack of knowledge about the consequences of teen pregnancy. Drugs/alcohol can also increase a teen’s risk of becoming a parent because it worsens their decision making skills which can cause that person to do things that they don’t want to do if they were sober, and that can lead them to do sexual things. I am for anti-teen pregnancy and that’s because it can ruin the teens’ school life, ruin their relationship …show more content…
One of the health problems that the child could face is have a low birth weight which can increase the chance of blindness/deafness, mental retardation, and death. The child would have poor parenting because their parents doesn’t understand how to be a parent, and they are unable to provide the appropriate environment required for the best development. Children of teenage parents are also more likely to do poorly in school because their chances of getting good nutrition, health care, and mental/social stimulant is low.
There are many ways to prevent yourself from becoming a teenage parent. One of them are hobbies, activities, and talents. Hobbies, activities, and talents affects/lowers the risk of teen pregnancy for it can make the teen be more occupied. They would also be very passionate on what they do so they wouldn’t want to mess it up by doing something risky and foolish. Another way to prevent pregnancy is using birth control and a condom. Teens should also do abstinence for unlike the over the counter drugs and items that help prevent pregnancy, abstinence prevents it by 100%, and it costs

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