Senator Lucio Case Study

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Senator Lucio, a Democratic Texas State Senator of District 27 represents roughly 794,630 people. He is the chair of Intergovernmental Relations and a vice-chair of the Education Committee. He is also a member of the Natural Resources & Economic Development, Veteran Affairs & Military Installations, and VAMI Subcommittee on Border Security (“The Texas State Senate,” n.d.).
Two of the populous counties that fall within District 27 is Cameron County with the population of 406,220 and Hidalgo with the population of 326,115. Mr. Lucio has served his constituency since 1991 and he has been serving well, except for one group – women. In 2013, Senator Lucio was the only one from the Democratic Party who voted for House Bill 2 that outlaws abortions
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Once a teenage girl becomes pregnant, it further hinders her progress in life both financially and academically due to the fact that the mother is a teenager with a young child. Research shows strong correlation between the levels of educational attainment and poverty. Research has also shown that women living in poverty are five times more likely to be the victim of unintended pregnancy than a woman with a higher income. The data for Cameron and Hidalgo counties shows that 38% of the 446,147 people 25 years or older did not graduate high school. Assuming the population split of 50-50 between males and females, 85,331 females did not graduate from high school. About 20% of the families of the total population of District 27 live in poverty and of the 23,573 single parent families, 20,677 are headed by females. Adoption of the above proposed legislation will also reduce the rate of child abuse in the form of neglect. A young mother usually does not have the support, resources, or the education to take care of a new born. The combinations of young age, low level of education, and poverty puts women in this district at a higher risk of neglecting a new born (“Hasstedt, K,” 2014; “District Profile,”

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