The Impact Of Technology On Our Lives Essay

1462 Words Dec 4th, 2015 6 Pages
Today 's society mainly consists of technology; in our everyday lives we complete even the most basic tasks using some sort of electronic device. It has come to the point where people have stopped conversing with one another because everyone sitting around the table is focused on their cell phones, MP3s, or tablets. This was a problem that was claimed to be originated within teenagers but it has now progressed to children and adults. While walking down the street, sitting in a bus stop, or even shopping for groceries, you do not fail to see at least one individual on their electronics. Although technology is not dangerous, it does affect communication between people. Communication nowadays is enhanced by cell phones, computers, and of course the internet. Technology is a fascinating and beneficial use to our daily lives, however it must be utilized correctly and to a certain extent where people know that it will not harm or disrupt them. Technology is evolving year after year and it will continue to do so. Children growing up in the twenty-first century are taught to use computers or tablets on a daily basis which keeps them entertained in the basic learning within the application, unfortunately these children will not know how to do basic math, reading, or writing, because they were being taught by an electronic device instead of being directly taught by a teacher. Moreover, purchasing these electronics can be expensive and perhaps quite difficult for schools who have a…

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